Board And Executive Council September 2018

On September 13, we gathered for the ACOVEDI’s Board and Executive Council meeting in “Uniandinos” in Bogota, with the active participation of the CEO from the associated companies.We establish some key subjects of discussion for the meeting regarding to Direct Selling present in Colombia, each Company shared their behavior and learnings through the year and also their goals and expectations for what is left of the period. One of the most important topics was the start of our post-grade with the EAN University as academic partners, a project driven by Patricia Cerra, our Executive Director, and with the support of the Board members lead by its President, Fernery García, have been working hand to hand with the University to accomplish a real and strong program about Direct Selling Management. Also the second consecutive platinum star was declared official and placed in the board given to ACOVEDI by the WFDSA.

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